cambodia's biggest food festival


MARCH 30th & 31st 2019, Olympic Stadium

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2019, bigger and better THAN EVER!

Did you miss us? Well, we sure missed you!

In 2018, Slaprea once again became a massive hit in Phnom Penh with 14,000 attendees, 120+ vendors, and took the 2040 Container Market and all you festival goers by surprise. It currently stands to date as the LARGEST FOOD FESTIVAL hosted in Cambodia.

Now it's 2019, and guess what? It's getting BIGGER! Thanks to the tremendous support from all around, Slaprea is able to expand and gather more people to do what all humans love: EAT! This time expect to experience more competitions, more surprises, and most of all more food.


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What's better than a competition with no prize? A competition with lots of prizes! Here in Slaprea we have a number of competitions  that you can participate in. Click below to check them out!


the idea

The brains, the beauty, the backbone of Slaprea. Click below to learn more about us! We might know a thing or two about you. ;)

Slaprea was massively supported by the crowd
because of its well organization and fun activities.
— Foodbuzz
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