Volunteer nation

Working for a better world through community service, leadership and selflessness.

Our approach is collaborative not selfish. Our approach is committed not calculative. Our approach is pragmatic not wasteful.



We exist to create a harmonious and peaceful community in the places we live and are committed to:

  1. Building Leaders through volunteering in Cambodia

  2. Connecting our members to meaningful volunteer opportunities both from stakeholders and from our organization

  3. Provide training, coaching and mentorship for our volunteers to be exceptional civic members of society

  4. Encourage the integration of new members to the organization

  5. Communicating the value of our volunteers to our communities


Our objectives for the year

  1. Reducing the impact of waste in Cambodia

    1. Awareness and Education on recycling, up-cycling and waste management

    2. Trash-Pick ups - to clean streets, but more importantly connect the community for synergy*

  2. Supporting all activities to improve critical thinking in Cambodia

    1. Forward and provide assistance to STEM related activities which are for pro bono benefit for the community

    2. Support and help explain the benefits of the Arts in Cambodia

  3. Supporting Healthcare in Cambodia

    1. Increasing awareness of proper use of antibiotics to prevent AMR (Antimicrobial resistance)

    2. Educate the population on the importance of washing hands, and raw foods.