fun & games

As much as we love food, we also love to have fun! Just like Slaprea, Kon Slaprea will host activities for the whole family. Come enjoy all the games and who knows, you might be able to win a little or maybe not so little prize!

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This year as part of the opening ceremony of Slaprea 2019 gather to witness walking, flying and talking food. Cambodian schools will join their efforts to bring you this unforgettable experience.


Activities for all

Who doesn't love a bit of fun at a festival?

Some of our games & activities on the day include:

Rice Bag Race - The Wheel of Fortune - Tug of War - Soda Toss - Fortune Hunt… and many more!


Activities for kids

For your little ones, play-time is anytime at Kon Slaprea! To keep the kids entertained, we have arranged an area filled with fun. They can run around, jump, play and most importantly, eat!

Balloons - Bouncy Castle - Face painting… and much more!