the origin of "slaprea"

In the Khmer language the word "slaprea" (written as ស្លាបព្រា) directly translates to the word "spoon" in the English language, but because of our spectacular wittiness we were able to decipher an extra word in "slaprea". In Khmer the word "slap" (ស្លាប) means "wings" in English. Thus combining the idea of a spoon with wings allowed us to create the face of our brand that you see this present day. Nifty!

cambodia's biggest food festival

Slaprea is Cambodia’s biggest food festival with over 160 booths in food and beverage and other activities. With lots of food, music, activities and contests, we’ve somehow found a way to make it even cooler!

Imagine a Festival welcoming all to taste new flavors and dishes, experience new cuisines, engage in fun activities for all ages in a beautiful community setting. All this while minimizing environmental impact and becoming one of the safest food events in Asia. Slaprea is heaven for Foodies - it’s all about tasting!

Here's what happened at Slaprea 2018:

  • Over 20% of our vendors sold out, some of them sold out twice. On average festival goers were spending over $10 per person.

  • The Idea staff and event volunteers developed and implemented waste management operating procedures to manage the waste generated at the event.

  • Vendors were offered discounted alternative packaging and free banana plates to be used for attendees. Separated bins were made accessible to attendees. They were divided into general landfill waste, biodegradable food waste, and plastic bottles & aluminum cans.

  • Cintri collected most of the landfill and organic waste. The total amount of waste generated at this event over the course of 2 days is 1,162.5kg, more than a ton of waste in 2 days!

  • 658,585 social media reach and 54K+ follower engagement.

Volunteer nation

We exist to create a harmonious and peaceful community in the places we live in and are committed to:

  • Building Leaders through volunteering in Cambodia.

  • Connecting our members to meaningful volunteer opportunities both from stakeholders and from our organization.

  • Provide training, coaching and mentorship for our volunteers to be exceptional civic members of society.

  • Encourage the integration of new members to the organization.

  • Communicating the value of our volunteers to our communities


who's running this?

The Idea is a social company, a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, analysts, designers, project engineers, writers, trainers, and event planners.

We are a 360º solutions based agency.

Using a human-centered approach, we work with our clients to design and implement solutions from UX/UI audits to strategy/campaign assessment.

We’re here to disrupt the market, in the most positive ways, with our offbeat concepts and comprehensive approach.

That’s The Idea.

Our Main Objectives:

  1. Reducing the impact of waste in Cambodia through major events and campaigns.

  2. Awareness and Education on recycling, up-cycling and waste management.

  3. Trash Pick-ups - to clean streets, but more importantly connect the community for synergy.

  4. Supporting Arts & Culture

  5. Supporting Healthcare in Cambodia


Want to see what else we have to offer?

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