The origin of Slaprea



The Khmer word "Slaprea" (written as ស្លាបព្រា) directly translates to the word "spoon". And with a pun-intended, the Khmer
word "slap" (ស្លាប) means "wings" thus our Flying Spoon! The whole notion of Slaprea is a tasting event where your tastebuds and senses go flying!



cambodia’s biggest food festival


Slaprea is Cambodia’s biggest food festival with hundreds of food & beverage offers along with music, activities and contests. With the vision of being 100% single-use-plastic-free, Slaprea is also one of the safest food events in Asia. We welcome all to taste new flavors, experience new cuisines and engage in fun activities for all ages - all while minimizing environmental impact.

Our Main Objectives:

  1. Reducing the impact of waste in Cambodia through major events and campaigns.

  2. Awareness and Education on recycling, up-cycling and waste management.

  3. Trash Pick-ups - to clean streets, but more importantly connect the community for synergy.

  4. Supporting Arts & Culture.

  5. Supporting Healthcare in Cambodia.



what happened at Slaprea 2019?

  • 531,000+ social media reach.

  • Over 20% of our vendors sold out, some even sold out twice! On average festival goers were spending about $12 per person.

  • Vendors were offered discounted alternative packaging and free banana plates to be used for attendees.

  • The Idea staff and event volunteers developed and implemented waste management operating procedures to manage the waste generated at the event.

  • 15 bin stations were made accessible to attendees separating waste into compost, recycling and landfill waste. The total amount of waste generated at this event over the course of 2 days was around 1500 kg, averaging 0.06 of waste per person.